Woman on beach at dusk, smoking and holding jar with cannabis oil and marijuana leaf inside

Unlocking Perfection: A Comprehensive Handbook on Cannabis Oil Extraction

In recent years, the popularity of vaping cannabis oil has soared, with an increasing number of enthusiasts turning to vape pens like the Lotus, or All-in-One’s like the Nova Plus for a discreet and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. Behind the scenes, however, lies a complex process that transforms raw cannabis into […]

Consumer Insights: What Vapers Look for in a Quality Battery

Vape batteries play a crucial role in a user’s vaping experience. With many types of vape batteries available on the market, each with it’s own capacities, discharge rate, and design, choosing a battery for your brand or business can be overwhelming. To help alleviate the stress of searching for the right battery product on end, […]

Mastering AIO Device Care: The Ultimate Guide to a Flawless Vaping Experience

In the ever-evolving landscape that is the cannabis and vape industry, becoming familiar with your hardware is crucial for ensuring an ongoing seamless and enjoyable vaping experience, especially when it comes to the intricacies of your AIO (All-In-One). In this article, we will share the essential tips and tricks on cleaning, maintaining, and preemptively addressing […]

Bear Rootz Quartz vs. Ceramic Atomizer Testing Showdown

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing. Lately, the buzz has been all about Quartz heating elements commonly referenced as atomizers and coils. After several rounds of emission testing we’ve got some exciting insights to share with you. We’ve teamed up with ADACT Medical Ltd, the […]

Choosing the Right Atomizer: Ceramic vs Quartz

Atomizers are like the engine of a car inside all vaping devices. You typically cannot see the atomizer of a vape or a car’s engine from the outside, but they are critical to performance and function. Atomizers come in many types, designs, and materials which impact the vaping experience as a whole. For this reason, […]

Best Extraction Techniques for Cartridge Oil

Undoubtedly, high-quality oil is vital to ensuring a superior vaping experience. The nuances in flavors, consistencies, and effects from different compounds in oils can either make or break a consumer’s satisfaction with a product. By paring a properly handled oil with a flavor-enhancing cartridge like our quartz series, consumers can have a satisfying experience they […]

Cartridge Capping & You: Man Vs. The Machine

We consider this to be one of the most under deliberated topics of high importance to the success and scalability of cartridge companies. Cartridge capping machines, the sister machinery to a cartridge filling machine, has significant impacts on cartridge businesses which can be for the better or worse depending on which one is chosen.  There […]

New Technology: Quartz Cartridges

Same oil, better flavor and happier customers. Quartz atomizer cartridges are the next step in the evolution of the Vape Cartridge. Quartz is a dense crystalline mineral, sometimes referred to as quartz glass that is inherently efficient at conducting heat energy. As an atomizer it’s the material type of the heating element which touches oils/concentrates […]

Cartridge Filling Machines and Your Business

When a company is ready to start filling vape cartridges and actively trying to decide whether to use manual filling strategies or to go automatic, there are many considerations depending on the business’ priorities. We developed this article with the hope that you will find the below information insightful and supportive in making those decisions […]

Why You Should Judge Cannabis by the Cover

In today’s world, it is hard for a business to grow on just having product available. Whether it is cannabis, food, or any other product, packaging is essential for business. Packaging determines how long a product will last, how well it will ship, and ultimately how well it will sell. Successful cannabis packaging is based […]

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