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Buddies™ Convertible

Designed to be a discreet and portable concentrate multi tool, the Buddies Convertible is setting a new standard within the industry for hybrid battery pens. Dual use makes the Convertible a must have!

Product Features

Long-Lasting Battery

Used for vaping waxy concentrates or with a standard 510 threaded cartridge, the Convertible has a long-lasting 350 mAh Lithium-ion battery.

3 Temperature Settings

The Convertible comes with 3 temperature settings accompanied by an LED light indicator around the button: Low (Green), Medium (Blue) & High (Red).

Slim & Discreet

Slim and discreet, the Convertible is the size of a regular vape pen but houses a strong ceramic coil for the optimal hybrid experience.

Magnetic Connection

Strong magnets secure the glass mouth piece to the atomizer. As an alternative, the dab adapter can be easily unscrewed and substituted with a 510 threaded cartridge.

How to Use

Step 1.

Pull out the glass mouthpiece to expose the quartz heating chamber.

Step 2.

Load the concentrate into the quartz heating chamber.

Step 3.

Secure the magnetic mouthpiece & atomizer back together.

Product Video