1ml Luer Lock Syringe, Glass, Metered

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  • Blunt Needle Tip NOT Included
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Heat Resistant and Airtight
  • Medical Grade and Sterile Packaged
  • Syringe Cap included
  • Hole size Diameter: 1mm
  • 3 Part Assembly
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Our 1ml Luer Lock Glass syringe is a favorite in the industry because it is easy to use and clean when working with oils and dabs. You can pair this syringe with our Luer Lock 14 gauge blunt needles for even easier use. This glass syringe is airtight and won’t leak, allowing every last drop to be injected into a dabber chamber or into a cartridge. By combining medical-grade craftsmanship with an airtight cap that is included, these syringes are the best on the market for the clean administration of different concentrates. High-quality materials such as heat-resistant borosilicate glass are used to make these syringes, allowing for direct heating and application to heated coils without the fear of cracking or shattering. The 1ml Luer Lock Glass Syringes break down into three different parts, making them easy to fill and for cleaning after use. Plastic syringes stay sticky and are harder to clean due to their porous nature, while the glass syringes we offer are non-porous and come away residue-free after cleaning. A quick and easy-filling experience is what we aim for.