Core Series Press-On Black Ceramic Mouthpiece
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Core Series Press-On Black Ceramic Mouthpiece

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  • High quality
  • Black Ceramic
  • Press-On Application
  • Flat, Duckbill shape
  • Fits all Core Series Press On Cartridges


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The Core Series Press On Black Ceramic Duckbill mouthpiece is made to pair with the 0.5ml Core Series Press-on cartridges and the 1.0ml Core Series Press-on cartridges. They are compatible with the press-on specific cartridges within the Core Series. Once applied, the mouthpiece creates a tight seal, ensuring no leakage of concentrates. The ceramic mouthpieces are made of high quality material while still being durable and comfortable for habitual use.

Our Core Series Ceramic mouthpieces are assembled together by three parts, Ceramic, a lead-free copper ring and a silicone ring. High quality Ceramic is the main material for the mouthpieces, it is molded into shape to ensure a tight fit with the lead-free Copper ring. The Copper rings won’t have a chemical reaction with other material and are strong enough to support the Ceramic material while being easily shaped. The Copper is also easily threaded for a twist on option. Lastly, a Silicone ring is used as a seal because it is soft and pliable yet durable and environmentally friendly. All three parts are press-fitted together to ensure a tight seal once the cartridge is filled.