Custom C2 Core Tanker 0.5ml Cartridge

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  • Patented Quartz Glass Coil
  • Glass Tank
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece Included
  • Uses Quartz Atomizer Technology
  • Won’t burn out at high temperatures
  • Universal 510-thread 
  • MOQ of 5000 Cartridges
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The C2 Core Tanker is fully customizable to make a unique cartridge that fits your brand. Add colors, logos and warning symbols in a wide variety of combinations. Choose from our drop down menu to start the process of customization!

The C2 Core Tanker 0.5ml uses Quartz Atomizer Technology which is an innovative and cleaner way to vape oils. As one of two cartridges out on the market with a quartz coil, the C2 utilizes some of the newest technology in the industry. The glass filter only allows vapor through, giving the consumer a more flavorful experience without harmful toxins. The quartz coil is so strong that it can withstand higher temperatures and more usage without burning out. The reservoir is also made of glass, to give the fullest of flavors and maintain the oil’s true integrity. The C2 is great paired with all viscosities of oil, allowing for a wide range of choices for the consumer. Breaking into the industry with the newest technologies, these cartridges are on their own level. Included is a base mouthpiece with a choice of either a Black Ceramic duckbill or a White Ceramic duckbill shape.