Custom CCELL TH2 0.5ml Cartridge- 2.0mm Drip
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Custom CCELL TH2 0.5ml Cartridge- 2.0mm Drip

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  • Glass Tank
  • Zero Maintenance needed
  • Ceramic Heating Coil
  • Thread on closure
  • Resistance: 1.9 ohms
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece Included
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The CCELL TH2 is fully customizable to make a unique cartridge that fits your brand. Add colors, logos and warning symbols in a wide variety of combinations. Choose from our drop down menu to start the process of customization!

The CCELL TH2 Series 0.5ml cartridges are luxurious while being comfortably priced. Fitted with a glass reservoir and using CCELL Ceramic heating technology, the vaping experience is unparalleled. The glass housing allows for a higher anti-corrosion property and ensures less waste, with the consumer vaping every last drop. As a disposable option in the industry, maintenance is obsolete with the TH2 cartridge. Having bigger aperture holes allows for thicker oils to be used while maintaining the quality of the experience. This manufacturer is  unique in that they bake their ceramic in-house to ensure the highest quality product without any unwanted contaminants being introduced into the ceramic. You can trust their quality, durability and safety standards. Also included is a base mouthpiece with a choice of either Black Ceramic duckbill or White Ceramic duckbill shape.