Learn More About Our Vape Cartridges

At Bear Rootz, we have our own factory, our own patents and we make our own products. We are proud to be the exclusive source for quartz atomizer cartridge and disposable technology. This quartz technology is patented, exclusive to Bear Rootz and produces a more flavorful vapor then the traditional ceramic atomizer can. Quartz being a crystal is a natural conductor of energy which creates an even heated surface for a true flavored vapor opposed to the traditional ceramic atomizers. Most of our cartridges are offered in 0.5ml and 1.0ml but can be customized into a 0.3ml tank as well. All aperture holes can be customized, center posts come in various material types as well as mouthpieces can be customized to any brands desires. We are the home of quartz atomizer technology.

How Vape Cartridges Work

To use a vape cartridge, simply remove the plastic cap from the base of the cartridge and screw the cartridge onto the vape battery. Once the cartridge is securely in place, turn on the battery and begin inhaling to activate heating the coil. Inhale for about 3-4 seconds then exhale for optimal vape usage. It is recommended to wait 30 seconds in between puffs to keep the cartridge from overheating, leaking, or clogging.

The wholesale empty vape cartridges that we carry are made up of three main parts: The atomizer (heating element), the glass or plastic tank, and the mouthpiece. The atomizer houses the heating element, which is heated up using energy from a battery. There are aperture holes leading into the coil chamber that allow the flow of oil into the coil to heat up. Once heated, the oil evaporates, creating a vapor that is then released through the intake chamber up into the mouthpiece and into your mouth. The whole process only takes a few seconds from turning on the battery to inhaling the vapor.

What Are The Best Vape Cartridges?

We believe wholeheartedly that our quartz cartridges are some of the best. After blind testing the most experienced business category individuals in the cannabis industry, we found 85% of people preferred our quartz cartridges over the currently popular ceramic. We carry the highest quality vape cartridges and each product is heavily tested for quality and according to health and state regulations. We offer over five different wholesale quartz cartridges in both glass and polycarbonate plastic tanks, with a variety of mouthpiece shapes and sizes to give our customers everything they require.

How Can You Tell If A Vape Cartridge Is Empty?

The easy answer is that the clear tank will be empty or the oil has settled below the aperture holes and can no longer flow into the coil chamber. It is recommended to use the oil in a 510 cartridge within a month of purchasing to avoid any clogging or leakage. When not in use, store the vape cart in a vertical position with both the mouthpiece cover and bottom silicone cover in place to avoid any evaporation or leakage.

How To Label Vape Cartridges?

Manufacturers often label their products to distinguish between their materials and other manufacturers. With vape pen cartridges, you can usually find their mark on the bottom of the cartridge, around the base of the 510 threading. To ensure health safety and durability, this mark is usually etched into the casing itself. We offer custom branding and Labeling as well.

Depending on the product manufacturer, different parts of the cartridge can be customized. The first customization is on the glass tank. You can add a logo in one or two colors and it can be either laser printed or silk printed directly onto the glass. Next, you can have a logo or short saying etched into the metal collar located around the bottom and top of the tank. Depending on what you are looking for, this labeling can also be silk printed onto the collars. Lastly, some manufacturers offer etching directly onto the mouthpiece for a unique look and texture.

Another option for labeling cartridges is to add customized cartridge packaging. We will provide your team of designers with our templates or we have an in-house designer who would be happy to help create something unique for your brand. Both customizing the oil cartridge itself and adding custom packaging make the products stand out in the market and adds a sense of the highest quality to your products.

Can Vape Cartridges Be Reused?

Once cartridges are filled, it is not suggested to attempt to remove the mouthpiece for refilling of the vape cartridge. Special devices are used to apply the top mouthpiece, effectively sealing the tank to prevent leaks. Some companies have refillable cartridges, and while we love sustainability here at Bear Rootz we have not yet found a refillable cartridge that holds up to our standards and testing in order to offer them. We are always on the lookout for new, more sustainable products.

Our 510 threaded cartridges are designed to be filled from the top and sealed by a press. The two different types of seals are push-lock and twist-on. Push-lock utilizes a locking mechanism that is snapped into place by applying pressure to the mouthpiece and cartridge. Once locked into place, they cannot be reopened or refilled. Twist-on designs are also locked into place by applying pressure, but by screwing the mouthpiece onto the tank.

Some manufacturers apply a glue seal to effectively eliminate leakage while in use. Never force open a cartridge or break the locking mechanism to attempt a refill. This renders the vape cart faulty and can also contaminate the concentrate within.

Can You Recycle Vape Cartridges?

Unfortunately, vape cartridges cannot be safely recycled at this time. With the popularity of vaping steadily rising, many manufacturers are looking for more sustainable ways of making cartridges but the fact of the matter is that the materials used in cartridges are many and in very small quantities, making it nearly impossible to harvest the materials and recycle them safely. Because the process is so tedious and time-consuming, recycle processing plants are not able to maintain enough turnover to really be worth recycling cartridges.

This leads to the topic of refilling used cartridges. As previously stated, most pre-filled cartridges are not designed to be refilled. Those that can be refilled are few and far between. You can purchase refill syringes and blunt needle tips at most dispensaries. So why don’t companies collect used cartridges to refill them? The answer is that according to most state regulations, this is not allowed. This is due to concerns of contamination and health issues as well as the possibility of illegal resale activity.

Are Vape Cartridges Universal Fit?

Our cartridges are 510 threaded to fit congruently with all of the wholesale batteries and vape pens that we offer. 510 threading is the standard or “universal” threading used on the majority of bulk vape cartridges. The same is true about most vape batteries. The 510 threading refers to the male threading on the bottom of the cartridge and the female counterpart on a battery. Although rare, vape pen cartridges also come with 710 threading. The difference is the thread count on the bottom of the cartridge. Adapters are available to pair the 710 thread cartridges with 510 batteries but it is suggested to purchase both in the standard 510 formats to avoid any confusion.