Learn More About Our Vape Cartridges

All of our wholesale quartz glass vape cartridges are made from high quality, food grade borosilicate glass. The cartridges are designed to withstand breakage from drops and other mishaps. With a glass reservoir, commonly thought to be the classier cartridge option vs Poly cartridges there is no after-taste of the material and the glass is non-porous and will not degrade into the concentrates contained within even when cut with high levels of terpenes. Our patented quartz cartridges have a borosilicate reservoir for the glass variations which is a strong glass material. Along with the reservoir, our quartz cartridges include our patented quartz atomizer technology as our heating element. We have four different wholesale glass quartz cartridges to choose from in both 0.5ml and 1.0ml sizes to suit your brand’s needs. Depending on your filling machine, we offer both press-on and screw-on cartridge options. Each 510 thread bulk cartridge order comes with standard mouthpieces which can be chosen when adding the product to the shopping cart.

Glass vs. Poly Cartridges

Our wholesale glass and polycarbonate vape cartridges each have their own characteristics. Due to the hardware, glass vape cartridges are heavier than the poly cartridges. While glass provides a heavier, luxurious feel, it can be more susceptible to breaking if dropped. The poly cartridge is a more durable cartridge at a bit of a lower price point. In terms of filling machines, our quartz glass and poly cartridges are the same width of 10.5mm. The quartz glass cartridges come in a variety of press-on and screw-on styles while our quartz poly cartridge option is press-on.

Are Glass Cartridges Better?

One vape cartridge is not inherently better than the other, the benefits of polycarbonate vs. glass cartridges will depend heavily on your brand. Many clients chose our quartz glass vape cartridges over the poly option to give a more luxurious feel to their cartridges. Consumers will often associate glass cartridges with more up-scale, classy brands. The glass tank also supports more mouthpiece variations against the poly tank mainly carrying press-on polycarbonate mouthpiece options.