Learn More About Our Press-on Disposables

At Bear Rootz, we have our own factory and patents, and we make our own products. We are proud to be the exclusive source of quartz atomizer technology inside our wholesale disposable vape pens. This quartz technology is patented, exclusive to Bear Rootz, and produces a more flavorful vapor than the traditional ceramic atomizer can. Quartz being a crystal is a superior conductor of heat energy that creates an even heated surface for a true flavored vapor as opposed to the traditional ceramic atomizers. Our D series press-on disposable vape pens are offered in 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0mL with glass tanks, stainless steel center posts, and black or white ceramic mouthpieces.

Press vs. Screw-On

Picking between the D11S and D1101S is just about choosing what is best for your business and whatever machinery you have. Our D series disposables all have stainless steel center posts with a ceramic bullet mouthpiece. 

There are two distinct types of caps for disposables currently: screw-on and press-on. Press-on caps are pressed onto the filled disposable. Manual pressing involves an operator using a rubber mallet, while capping machines, utilize a hydraulic press. The main reason press-on caps are preferable is that press machines are more readily available than machines for screw-on caps. Since they also have the ability to cap multiple disposables at once, production volume drastically increases while simultaneously cutting down on labor costs and decreasing oxidation. However, center posts can be angled slightly due to manufacturing defects, and using a press-on capping machine on one of these defective cartridges can cause the glass to crack or shatter.