Choosing the Right Atomizer: Ceramic vs Quartz

Atomizers are like the engine of a car inside all vaping devices. You typically cannot see the atomizer of a vape or a car’s engine from the outside, but they are critical to performance and function.

Atomizers come in many types, designs, and materials which impact the vaping experience as a whole. For this reason, selecting the right heating element material for the atomizer is crucial as its efficiency and resistance determine the quality and quantity of the vapor produced from your device [1]. Choosing high-quality atomizers is essential to ensure the overall best vaping experience for cartridge users.

Inside view of an atomizer with a coil.

Which Vape Cartridge Atomizer Works The Best?

Ceramic atomizers are currently the industry-dominate option for heating materials in atomizers, and recently due to research and development, quartz has started to take marketshare. Both materials have unique traits that contribute to a unique vaping experience, but there are certain factors to consider that differentiate their efficiency when put to use.

Ceramic Atomizers

Ceramic has been a dominate atomizer material for years largely due to the distrust of metals, it’s predecessor. Ceramic has natural heat retention capabilities made possible by its interconnected, non-uniform microporous structure [2]. In short, ceramic is a very strong natural heat insulator, but it does not conduct energy evenly at all.

A quick look at ceramic’s micropore structure [3].

To provide an analogy, Coffee mugs are made from ceramic as a standard for hot drinks because they protect our hands from burning when handling hot liquids on the inside. This is possible due to ceramics high natural energy insulation capabilities.

How Can Ceramic Atomizers Affect Your Oil?

Though ceramic atomizers have received plenty of praise for their heating abilities, the non-crystalline structure of ceramic that makes it a great insulator for energy can result in an uneven distribution of heat throughout the atomizer. If the atomizer is not heated evenly, it can result in uneven heating of the oil. This then causes the oil to burn and produce a harsh, unpleasant taste, and smaller amounts of vapor.

Quartz Atomizers

Quartz is a natural opposite in atomic structure to Ceramic. Quartz’s atomic lattice is 100% uniform resulting in quartz atomizers being far superior conductors of heat and more durable than ceramic [4]. Because of quartz’s natural properties, using it in atomizers leads to a more even distribution of heat during vaping sessions and results in far less degradation from repeated use. For this reason, quartz cartridges and quartz disposables are a great product option that can ensure that the consumer has the most optimal experience with their cartridge oil from the first to the last puff. 

Long story short, quartz atomizers can provide a more true flavored vapor while using less energy, and results in a more enjoyable vape experience!

Benefits of Quartz Atomizers

Because of their natural beneficial characteristics, quartz atomizers are overall less prone to clogging and flaking compared to ceramic atomizers, making quartz’s maintenance and capacity more efficient than ceramic. The natural structure of quartz has also been found to be much more durable than other atomizer materials, and it allows for evenly heated oil in a vape device without causing it to burn. This means that the oil in quartz cartridges is vaporized at an even temperature on the inside, as opposed to the uneven temperatures from the current market-dominate ceramic and its natural insulation strengths. 

An up-close look at the structure of a quartz atomizer.

So, Ceramic or Quartz?

In the cannabis industry specifically, the concentrate banger industry has chosen quartz for its preferred material type for creating vapor from concentrates. Its time for the cartridge and disposable categories to catch up to the rest of the industry and choose quartz as the heating element!  

Get rid of that caveman ceramic atomizer, time to join the modern vaping crowd that appreciates its flavors and respects the plant.

Same Oil, Better Flavor, Happier Customers!

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