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The future of cannabis cartridge technology is here. Get your free sample kit today and see why leading brands and 82% of consumers prefer quartz.

Why Quartz? It's simple.

Same Oil, Better Flavor, and Happier Customers.

Superior Flavor, Every Time

Quartz delivers an even heat distribution, preserving the natural taste of concentrates. Its efficient heating ensures authentic flavors, proven in blind tests to be preferred by over 83% of users.

Built to Last

Quartz withstands the rigors of repeated use, maintaining consistent quality from the first to the last puff. Its dense structure ensures durability and reliability, far outperforming traditional materials.

Enhanced Vapor Production

The unique thermal properties of quartz provide better vapor production, offering richer clouds and a fuller flavor profile, elevating the vaping experience for your customers.

Top Brands choose quartz

Challenge the Norm: Quartz vs. Ceramic

Are you ready to revolutionize your vaping experience? Introducing the Bear Rootz Quartz vs. Ceramic Challenge. Dive into the ultimate test of flavor, performance, and quality.

What's in the Kit:

  • 2 Quartz Atomizer Cartridges: Our flagship innovation, featuring our patented quartz atomizer technology.
  • 2 Ceramic Atomizer Cartridges: Traditional choice, widely used in the industry.
  • Both Pre-Filled with Premium CBD Oil: Experience the distinct differences yourself.
Bear Rootz

Leading the Way in Cartridge Innovation

Based in Las Vegas

Located in the vibrant heart of Las Vegas, NV, Bear Rootz stands out with its all-American operations, guaranteeing unparalleled industry knowledge and superior service quality.

Factory Direct

At Bear Rootz, we eliminate the middlemen. Our products are factory direct from our own facilities, ensuring reliability and the highest standards of quality.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don’t just sell products; we promise satisfaction. Our commitment to quality ensures that your experience with us is always gratifying and top-notch.

Our customers love quartz

Let some of our favorite customers help persuade you.

“Bear Rootz has always provided superb customer service. Quick and friendly responses to our inquiries and an option for local warehousing have made them our go-to supplier. I feel comfortable putting our company’s needs in their hands.”

Picture of Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett

Supply Chain Director

“The Bear Rootz team is amazing and I am so thankful to be working with them! I can always count on good high quality products, a fast response time and help with any of my supply needs. Keep killing it team! Thank you from the AMA fam!”

Picture of Jordan Thompson

Jordan Thompson

General Manager

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See why leading cannabis brands and 82% of consumers prefer quartz.

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