New Technology: Quartz Cartridges

Same oil, better flavor and happier customers.

Quartz atomizer cartridges are the next step in the evolution of the Vape Cartridge.

Quartz is a dense crystalline mineral, sometimes referred to as quartz glass that is inherently efficient at conducting heat energy.

As an atomizer it’s the material type of the heating element which touches oils/concentrates and then generates vapor from that oil.

The heating element and it’s material type are critical factors in the production and flavor of vapor.

When compared to ceramic which the majority of traditional cartridges are using as an atomizer, quartz heats up more evenly with less energy due to the material type natural differences. The even heated surface of quartz creates a truer flavored vapor.

The simplest comparison analogy is when looking at our everyday coffee cup. Coffee cups as a majority are made of ceramic because we don’t want the energy of the hot liquid to burn our hands on the outside. Inherently ceramic is a natural insulator of energy, which means poor heat conduction and un-even heated surfaces when used as a heating element.

Un-even temperature surfaces when used to create vapor will result in micro burns, some oil not burning hot enough to vaporize and everything in-between.

For those who are familiar with dabbing bangers in the cannabis industry commonly used for vaporizing concentrates, cartridges are just lagging behind the natural evolution of material types for device categories used in other areas of the industry. At one point not long ago the dabbing tool market was heavily titanium as the chosen material type, then for a short period was largely ceramic but is now and has been for 5+ years almost entirely Quartz.

At Bear Rootz we believe it’s time for the Cartridge category of the cannabis industry to catch up to the dabbing nail/banger category in the community. Do you really think for a second with all of the dabbing “Terp Aficionados” out there that they don’t know what material type produces the best flavor as a heating element?

Of course they do & they have been choosing quartz for flavor! So why is your cartridge still stuck in the past of ceramic heating elements?

Taste the difference for yourself. Contact our today for samples to try quartz atomizer cartridges for your business.

Why are Quartz Cartridges Gaining in Popularity?

Shelf space is limited for brands in retailers, competition is rising and every advantage counts.

Not only is quartz producing better flavor with the same oil, it’s a market separator for brand imagery. The majority of current vape cartridges are still ceramic atomizers and this allows for our customers with Quartz atomizers to have an additional selling point to gain that coveted shelf space in retailers.

Have you ever noticed how ceramic atomizer cartridges taste different at the tail end of a cartridge opposed to at the very beginning?

During the consumption of an entire cartridge a heating element heats up, expands and then is rapidly cooled over and over from continued use. This expansion and contraction is very stressful on the heating element no matter what it’s material type is. Quartz inherently being more dense and durable is also superior in withstanding this process allowing for the same great vapor from the first puff to the last.

Quartz is naturally occurring, and its uniformed porosity as a crystal, allows for superior conduction of heat quickly and thoroughly, causing the quartz element to retain more heat with less energy input [1]. This means that the battery attached to the quartz atomizer will not have to work as hard to get the botanical oils heated within the vape cartridge to the desired temperature. This in turn allows for the variable voltage settings of some batteries to have greater and truer flavor variance effects than with atomizers which conduct heat less efficiently.

In our Quartz Cartridges, when quartz is used as the atomizer, it is not in the historical shape of a coil wrapped around a heating element. Quartz is made into two different components within our cartridges: a conductive disc and a frit filter (a mixture of silica and fluxes, fused at high temperature to make quartz glass) which in turn conducts the heat, warming the oil, to create vapor [5]. Both the quartz frit and disc are housed at base of the center-post within the reservoir of the cartridge. See Diagram 1 for a breakdown of the components of a quartz cartridge. 

Quartz as a Material

Quartz is a hard, crystalline material found in the earth’s crust. It is one of the most abundant minerals found on Earth and is mined for many reasons [2]

Due to the crystalline structure of quartz, the pores are all of the same shape and size [7]. This structural layout is known to be the cause of its superior conduction of energy and why it can maintain even heat throughout with very little energy input. Quartz is a very dense mineral and this hardness also decreases the likelihood of degradation from repeated use. 

Favor the Flavor

Bear Rootz conducting several types of tests to explore the root reasoning, consumer opinion and as much information as possible behind why quartz is the next evolution for atomizers in vape cartridges.

The most repeating discovery of the advantage of a quartz atomizer is its ability to produce a superior flavor.

In November 2022 After polling over 380 people at MJBIZ to the “Blind Taste Challenge” 83% choose Quartz as producing the better flavor. (MJBIZ 2022 Results)

So far, the data heavily implies that seasoned consumers can taste a distinct difference between a cartridge with a quartz atomizer and one made from other materials right from the first puffs. And less experienced consumers can tell a distinct difference after only half way through a cartridge with the flavor gradually becoming more and more different from one another during the life of a single fill cartridge.

Our favorite test in the market is what we call a “blind challenge”. A-lot like PEPSI CHALLENGE. This is executed by providing an individual with two identical oil filled cartridges, one with quartz & one with ceramic material atomizers.  Then without providing the contestant information on which is which we let them taste the vapor and decide what they believe produces the better flavor profile. 

This improved flavor is currently best explained by the inherent natural difference between Quartz and Ceramic. Quartz heats more evenly and retains heat more consistently than other material atomizer counterparts. The even heating surface of the quartz material is our leading assumed reasoning for an improved flavored vapor but we continue to find out more every day.

Terpenes, which are aromatic compounds, are responsible for the flavors you taste and aromatics you smell when consuming any type of plant or flower[6]. Terpenes are very sensitive when it comes to heat application. 

Many terpenes tend to burn at higher temperatures, leaving behind an undesirable taste. This is not ideal when vaping botanical oils and concentrates because consumers desire a great taste along with an admirable vapor cloud. This is one of the primary areas where quartz heating elements shine! Due to the superior conductivity of quartz, it can heat up faster and more evenly at a lower temperature. This helps preserve the integrity of the terpenes present within the concentrates. 

Bear Rootz & Vuber Technologies Inc.

Bear Rootz is the exclusive distributor for Quartz cartridges in North America & Vuber Technologies Inc. holds the only patents which Bear Rootz has exclusive licensed rights to for the quartz atomizer components and quartz vape cartridges. Founded in 2013 by Brandon Gallagher, Vuber strives to move forward with the most innovative vape technologies while creating and holding the industry to higher standards[8]

“The idea behind the quartz cartridge was to find a better conductor of heat that still maintains the integrity of flavor from the first inhale to the very last. Current materials used to make atomizers degrade over time and may have some leaching of the materials into the oil. The goal was to find a material that has less leaching potential and that can be used for a prolonged period of time with no other adverse effects.” says the Vuber Founder. 

After many studies and lots of research, Vuber chose to utilize the natural properties associated with quartz. As stated previously, due to the porosity and conductivity at low temperatures, quartz made for the ideal candidate for use as the heating component within vape cartridges. 

With this patented microporous technology, Vuber created the C-Series Core Tanker cartridges, which enables processors to use a single cartridge style for many oil types, eliminating most needs to carry several cartridges adjusted to various viscosities of oil[8].

The C5 Core Tanker looks like any other cartridge, however, the Core Technology and quartz materials utilized within make it much more powerful (See Diagram 2). The number one current complaint is that a non-quartz vape cartridge atomizer burns out too quickly and leaves a burnt taste with the consumer. According to Vuber, “The cartridge will not burn out at high temps; most ceramic cell cartridges begin to get a bad taste at around 3.7v. The Core can handle over 4.5v without compromising flavor profile (based upon an average resistance of 1.4 ohms).” [8]

The C1 Core Tanker is very unique in that it has an inner glass tank that holds the botanical concentrate with an outer shell made of polycarbonate material. The thought behind this was to maintain the quality of the glass tank while having the durability of the plastic on the outside. Due to the dual use of materials, the C1 is not quite as sleek in profile as our other C Series Quartz Cartridges; although it is slightly bulkier, it is extremely unique. The C1 uses the same Core Technology as the C mSeries and will produce the same flavor profiles and quality of experience. 













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