Learn More About 510 Cartridges

Bear Rootz Inc. offers over 10 different types of empty bulk cartridges. Our handcrafted variety was developed to satisfy the wide range and ever-increasing expectations by customers from their brands. We choose to only carry 510 threaded Cartridges because we want to offer our customers the best options for retail. Since 510 threading is universally acknowledged, the chances are that your customers will have a compatible vape battery that can be used with any of our wholesale 510 cartridges.

How To Use A 510 Vape Cartridge

The 510 threading refers to the male threading on the bottom of the cartridge and the female counterpart on a battery. To use, simply remove the plastic cap from the base of the cartridge and screw the cartridge onto the battery. Once the cartridge is securely in place, turn on the battery and begin inhaling to activate heating the coil. Inhale for about 3-4 seconds then exhale for optimal vape usage. It is recommended to wait 30 seconds in between puffs to keep the cartridge from overheating, leaking, or clogging.

How To Prime A 510 Cartridge

You can prime a cartridge with two different methods: by either preheating the battery if it has a preheat setting or taking a few short, quick pulls on the mouthpiece of the cartridge. Priming is important because you want the coil to be properly saturated with oil to create the best intake. When the coil is dry, it can taste burnt or off and the vape cloud will be non-existent. Priming also prevents the coil from becoming damaged by heating up while bone dry. The thicker the concentrate, the more priming might need to be done. This is also true of vape pen cartridges that have been left in colder temperatures. With live resin, it is not suggested to use the preheat setting because the oil is thinner and can burn if heated too long but priming can still be achieved by taking a few short pulls on the pen.

How To Tell When A 510 Cartridge Is Empty

The easy answer is that the clear tank will be empty or the oil has settled below the aperture holes and cannot flow into the coil chamber. It is recommended to use the oil in a 510 cartridge within a month of purchasing to avoid any clogging or leakage. When not in use, store the vape cart in a vertical position with both the mouthpiece cover and bottom silicone cover in place to avoid any evaporation or leakage.

Can You Reuse Or Refill 510 Cartridges?

Once cartridges are filled, it is not suggested to attempt to remove the mouthpiece for refilling of the vape cartridge. Special devices are used to apply the top mouthpiece, effectively sealing the tank to prevent leaks.

510 threaded cartridges are designed to be filled from the top and sealed by a press. The two different types of seals are push-lock and twist-on. Push-lock utilizes a locking mechanism that is snapped into place by applying pressure to the mouthpiece and cartridge. Once locked into place, they cannot be reopened or refilled. Twist-on designs are also locked into place by applying pressure, but by screwing the mouthpiece onto the tank.

Some manufacturers apply a glue seal to effectively eliminate leakage while in use. While this is the standard way of filling and sealing cartridges, some manufacturers choose to leave them screwed on but not locked, allowing for refills using syringes and blunt needle tips that can be purchased at most dispensaries. Never force open a cartridge or break the locking mechanism to attempt a refill. This renders the vape cart faulty and can also contaminate the concentrate within.

Can You Put Wax In A 510 Cartridge?

Vape cartridges should only be filled with distillate, concentrate or live resin oils. They are not designed for use with wax. Since most manufacturers use the standardized 510 threading, most vape pens will work with 510 threaded cartridges. That being said, compatibility can sometimes vary from brand to brand depending on the viscosity of the concentrates and the voltage settings of the battery being used. It is recommended to pair vape pens and vape carts made by the same manufacturers together for the most optimal outcome.

Do 510 Cartridges Fit All Vape Pens?

All of the batteries and vaporizer cartridges that we carry are 510 threaded, however not all vape cartridges are threaded this way in the industry. The 510 threading is the most used attachment method currently and can be found in most stores where vape pens and cartridges are sold.  Pair any of our 510 threaded batteries with your choice of our wholesale 510 cartridges.

What Is The Difference Between 510 & 710 Vape Cartridges?

Although 510 threading is standard, sometimes companies favor the 710 threaded cartridges. The difference between the two is the amount of threading. A 710 threaded cartridge will not fit a 510 threaded battery pen. It is rare to find the 710 threads but be mindful when purchasing bulk pens and empty cartridges to keep an eye out for potential compatibility issues.

What Is The Best Empty 510 Cartridge?

All of the empty bulk cartridges we offer are high quality and are the best on the market. We are always expanding our inventory to include the newest and greatest technologies. Personal preferences of brands and types of vape cartridges vary with each vendor and can change depending on the type of oil used and branding needs. There is no one “right” 510 cartridge when it comes to vaping.