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Bear Rootz Inc. offers three different paper types in four sizes for our Wholesale Cones. Our Organic Hemp cones are a cream white and are made from organically grown hemp plants. Like our Natural Brown and Classic White cones, the bulk Organic Hemp cones are free of any dyes, bleach, or chlorine and are vegan friendly. No GMOs where used in our hemp cone materials. The Organic Hemp cones look and feel high quality and are great for branding with your logo on the 26mm filter tip. Each wholesale cone is hand rolled to ensure quality and sturdy construction for filling. The King Cones (109mm) come in a pack of 800, the 1 1/4 cones (84mm) are in a 900 pack, and the Small Cones (78mm) and Mini Cones (70mm) are both in 1100 packs.