About Our Variable Voltage Batteries

There are many different wholesale vape batteries on the market. We pride ourselves in selling the best with a proven record of high standards and testing. Some of the batteries that we offer in bulk are of the variable voltage variety. Our variable voltage batteries have three to four different temperature settings which are controlled by either a button or a twist temperature feature. All of the batteries we offer in this category are 510 threaded and can be paired with any of our cartridges. Variable voltage batteries are ideal for controlled heating of thicker oils or heating a cold cartridge. These are easily usable for all vapers alike.

Why Chose Variable Voltage?

Variable voltage batteries are a type of battery that allows the user to adjust the voltage output of the battery. This can be useful for vaporizers or electronic cigarettes that have different voltage requirements or that produce different flavors and vapor at different voltages. They work by allowing the user to adjust the voltage output of the battery by pressing a button or using a dial. Most variable voltage batteries have a range of voltage outputs that can be adjusted, typically from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts or higher. Using a variable voltage battery can allow the user to customize the vaping experience by adjusting the voltage to produce the desired flavor and vapor output. It can also be useful for users who want to switch between different e-liquids or coils that have different voltage requirements.