Consumer Insights: What Vapers Look for in a Quality Battery

Vape batteries play a crucial role in a user’s vaping experience. With many types of vape batteries available on the market, each with it’s own capacities, discharge rate, and design, choosing a battery for your brand or business can be overwhelming.

To help alleviate the stress of searching for the right battery product on end, we have interviewed dozens of customers who buy batteries from us and gathered some of the most important aspects to consider when trying to narrow down what would be the right battery for your business or brand!

Finding The Right Battery

When choosing a vape battery, it’s crucial to consider the expected outcome of your vaping device and a consumer’s vaping style. Should flavor or vapor cloud size be the main selling point? Can you get both? Whats an ideal happy medium? How important is the discreteness of battery? These among a multitude of other questions  are essential to matching a battery to the targeted consumer’s overall needs.

Vape Consumer Profiles

Consumers often make quick judgments about a battery based on its price and overall design, and these surface-level aspects definitely have a significant impact on whether or not most consumers decide to buy it. However, there are numerous other factors and nuances aside from what’s on the surface that can distinguish your battery from others and further peak a potential consumer’s interest, particularly in terms of how the battery can improve the vaping experience.

For instance, heavy vapors or those who enjoy large clouds produced by high-powered devices may prefer a battery with a higher voltage & capacity to accommodate their vaping needs. Additionally, those who vape for longer periods most likely prefer a device with long battery life (normally measured in “mAh”) that requires less charging time throughout the day.

Conversely, those who prefer smaller, portable devices may opt for batteries that may compromise on battery size but typically over reasonable voltage capacity to still meet their needs for a flavorful vapor.

Over all we have found that the overwhelming majority of customers prefer adjustable settings commonly referred as variable voltage batteries to customize each vape session to thats moments desires. 

Vape Battery Types: What Are Consumers Looking For?

When searching for a battery in the market, one of the key factors to consider is which type of battery will best meet the consumer’s needs. Whether someone is a vaping novice or an expert, it is important to understand whether they would prefer a more customizable option or an option that is automatically preset for them. This decision can generally come down to two popular battery categories in the market: Manual and Automatic.

Manual Vape Batteries

Manual batteries, like our Lotus Twist Activated Battery and SOL Variable Voltage Battery, provide greater control over the vaping experience by enabling users to customize their battery’s settings by twisting a dial and/or pressing a button to preheat and click through various temperatures that will affect the vapor flavor and power outcome. The button on these batteries also must be pressed while inhaling, which allows users to choose the amount and flow of vapor that they prefer. Manual batteries typically offer a greater capacity for immense vaping power but may need to be charged more often based on the use and length of the user’s drags [1]. Manual batteries overall offer a greater range of customization for each session based on the user’s vaping style, making them ideal for experienced users or those who seek a more personalized experience.

Automatic Vape Batteries

In contrast, automatic batteries such as our RAY Inhale Activated Battery, are compact and quick to use, making them popular among beginners or those who prefer a more intuitive vaping experience. They activate the heating element automatically as soon as the user inhales through the cartridge mouthpiece connected to the battery, without requiring any adjustments as these batteries are preset and ready to be used. This feature is especially convenient for those who seek quick puffs from their battery with ease. Additionally, automatic batteries typically require a shorter charging time since they are more compact compared to manual, making them ideal for those who are frequently on the go.

Which Should You Pick?

The decision between automatic and manual batteries is ultimately determined by user preferences and experience, as well as the degree of personalization offered by each type of battery. In general, smaller batteries like automatic ones are great for those looking for a quick puff who aren’t too concerned about messing with settings. However, manual batteries that offer greater levels of customization are well-suited for vaping enthusiasts who desire more precise control over the flavor and vapor produced during longer sessions.

What Vape Battery Features Should You Consider?

Aside from selecting a battery type, other technical details in the construction of a battery may also play a role in determining whether it is the right battery for the user. While designs, price points, and portability may be the primary factors that novice vape battery users focus on, there are numerous other features that consumers should consider that can greatly enhance their overall vaping experience!

Cartridge Compatibility

If a consumer is looking for a battery to pair with a cartridge, they will want to make sure they find a compatible one to ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Using incompatible batteries and cartridges can lead to device damage and subpar flavor and vapor performance due to improper heating of the oil through the battery’s settings [2]. As a result, the 510-thread has become the industry standard in most vaping devices and cartridges such as in our quartz cartridges to ensure greater compatibility across products.

Battery Life

Vape batteries come in various capacities and their capacity is typically measured in milliamp hours (mAh), which refers to how long the rechargeable battery will last on a single charge. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last between charges. However, how the user vapes can also impact the battery’s life, regardless of its mAh capacity.

For instance, those who take shorter drags in between sessions are likely to preserve their battery’s life longer than those who take longer drags or engage in longer continuous vape sessions. It is important to note that battery maintenance after purchase is also crucial, meaning the user should charge the battery correctly, store it in a cool, protected area, and use it more frequently to optimize its battery life [3].


When choosing a vape battery, it’s important to consider the voltage as it affects the intensity of hits. Lower voltage settings (around 2.4V) produce less heat for a more flavorful and softer draw, while higher voltage settings (around 3.6V) create more intense vapor and flavor [4].

With this in mind, beginners may prefer lower voltages for a less intense effect, while experienced users may prefer higher voltages for a more intense effect from their oil.

In terms of how voltage connects to battery type, automatic batteries typically have predetermined voltage settings, whereas manual batteries may allow for adjustments through button clicks or twisting dials on the device.


Temperature, as it relates to your battery, can affect the flavor and intensity of the oil based on the preferred voltage setting. Lower temperature settings produce more intense flavors and less vapor, making it suitable for discreet vaping. Higher temperature settings produce more vapor and a mild flavor, making it ideal for those who prefer intense effects.


Additionally, the oil’s viscosity is affected by the temperature setting, meaning that thinner oils with high viscosity are better consumed at low temperatures, while thicker oils with low viscosity require preheating and vaping at higher temperatures [5].


Safety is a great priority when creating high-quality vape devices. A range of safety features is incorporated in many batteries, including automatic shut-off when the battery overheats, overcharge protection, maximum heating and capacity settings, and short circuit protection. It is essential to conduct extensive research to ensure that the selected battery meets the highest safety standards and provides a secure vaping experience!

Let’s Review

When choosing a vape battery, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your device in connection to a user’s vaping needs. To quickly recap:

  • Automatic batteries are popular for beginners or those who prefer a quick, consistent, intuitive vaping experience.
  • Manual batteries are great for vape connoisseurs who enjoy more customization over their vaping experience.
  • Regardless of if the battery is automatic or manual, cartridge compatibility is a crucial component.
  • Battery life and capacity ensure that your sessions last as long as the consumer would like between charges.
  • Voltage settings affect the overall intensity of the vapor between hits.
  • Temperature affects the flavor and effect from the vaporized oil based on the preferred voltage setting.
  • Safety features are most important to make sure one’s vaping experience is a safe and protected one.

Ultimately, the selection of a vape battery depends on the preferences of the intended user and the desired performance outcome.








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